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Konnexx is the trusted expert for solar, irrigation & networking solutions in both large and small hotels. We understand that each of you are different, so our designs are made specifically for each location. Over 75 hotels, resorts and villas trust us to manage their properties. 

Networking & Security

Our networking systems ensure that your guests are connected, with little to no down time. It's important for your network to be functional 24 hours a day, because the margin for error is very narrow, and the difference between a negative review and a positive one can be wireless connectivity. We provide cable installations for your television systems, as well as setup the internet to work throughout the property. 

Not only are our systems efficient, but we put a big emphasis on both digital and physical security. Konnexx CCTV systems and access control systems can protect both guests and staff, while making it nearly impossible for intruders to steal sensitive information.


Solar & Irrigation

One of the largest operating costs for a hotel is their energy consumption (approx. 3 - 6%). Many factors such as growth in occupancy and the changes in consumer demands have led hotels to increased usage of electronics, such as televisions, mini fridges and air conditioners. Many hotels also have to invest heavily in their kitchens, lawns and pool areas to keep all guests happy.

Konnexx provides solar arrays, solar water heaters and solar pool pumps for small and large properties, ensuring that this cost is offset by clean energy. We also provide solar irrigation solutions, ensuring that your lawns & gardens are well maintained.

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The Client Jamaica Inn is a luxury boutique hotel, consistently ranked as one of the top hotels in the Caribbean for romance and service....

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