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What Is Konnecting Minds

Konnecting Minds is our outreach program. For over 10 years, we've been working to ensure youth from different strata are able to experience what it takes to be an engineer. 

We focus on youth who have been marginalised, and those who have dropped out of school.

Past Years


Konnexting Minds 2018.jpg

Konnecting Minds 2018 was an exciting time for the participants. The entire event kicked off with a visit to the head honcho himself, Mr. Dean Nevers, for a talk about professional development. From there, all the participants experienced the day to day operations of an engineer at Konnexx.


Konnecting Minds 2.jpg

In 2013 we had the opportunity to host 19 students from 11 different schools across Jamaica for 4 weeks. The project aimed to provide these students with opportunities to learn technical engineering skills , teamwork, soft skills and what really is possible.



Our 2016 edition of the Konnecting Minds programme was focused at giving the students a well rounded group of experiences, showing them what was out there in Jamaica. The young people learned how to move with Dance Jamaica, build websites and even how to create art. These helped to build camaraderie.


Konnecting Minds 2017 participants looki

Our 2017 Konnecting Minds programme included activities such as fitness challenges and tours held by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority. The students enjoyed career talks from the Konnexx executives, as well as on the job training, where some got to go up in the bucket truck.



“Upon entering the programme, many of us didn't know what it would entail. We were all nervous, but excited for what would come our way. Each day we were given guidance and vision on how to pursue future endeavours. Our thought process was transformed from our amateur level of thinking as we grew with each lesson given. The programme was designed to foster teamwork. We learned the importance of recognising strengths and weaknesses in team members and tapping into the strengths while trying to improve the weaknesses to achieve a common goal"

Daniel Mothersill

"The programme never failed to astonish us. When it was not generating electricity via solar panels, it was learning mixed martial arts or hiking in the serene mountains of Hollywell. Who could forget the dancer or the physical trainer who left us all in pain? We experienced an enchanting plane ride at the Caribbean Aviation Training Centre and to be designers and stars of an epic fashion show. These are just a few of the many activities we participated in"

Elias Asher
& Ramone Spaulding

"We were introduced to local influential men and women in the business and development sphere on a daily basis. This not only cemented our realisation that there were no boundaries on what we can expect from ourselves, but also gave us the opportunity to interact with persons who may be able to propel us in our career endeavours. The Konnecting Minds team executed a programme that literally prepared us for the job world through the building of character, the embracing of responsibility and accountability, and helping us to understand the true meaning of standing out" 

Roma Robinson
& Ajournie Taylor

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