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Case Studies - Digicel Group

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

The Client

Digicel Group
Digicel Group

Digicel Group is the premier telecommunications service provider in the Caribbean, with operations in more than 30 countries globally. Many of their services touch the majority of persons in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean daily, offering mobile telecommunications, digital hosting, advertising and most notably, cable television and broadband internet.

The Situation

These newer services required different types of infrastructure from the previous offerings Digicel had been providing. Cable television and high-speed broadband internet required cabled solutions, which would need to be hung on posts throughout the islands. Whereas what was necessary for telecoms provision were primarily cell towers, for cable television and high speed broadband to be implemented, Digicel would need to invest in cabled solutions which would need to be hung on poles throughout the islands. This is a massive undertaking, especially for a company which did not have a large enough trained workforce of engineers to implement this within a country. Even more critical was that Digicel needed to find a way to maintain the quality of the connections in each country, so that their reputation would not be put at stake, through inconsistent service offerings between countries.

The Konnection

Konnexx took up the job to design and lay down the fibre optics network between mobile phone sites in Jamaica. Konnexx has managed network buildout for other telecommunication organisations, and had the tools, the engineers and the know-how to properly implement this solution.

Not only did Konnexx service Digicel Jamaica, they also implemented this solution in Nevis, Anguilla and Montserrat as well, ensuring that there was network buildout across each of the islands. The engineers were tasked with the installation of nodes, as well as the installation of residential and commercial services islandwide. The work with Digicel Group did not end there. Konnexx was given the contract to be the official installers of the Digicel Play cable offering.

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