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Case Studies - Konnecting Minds

The Client

The project is aimed at helping students reach their full potential by providing opportunities to learn technical engineering skills, develop soft skills, meet influential role models and build character through team exercises.

The Youths of Konnecting Minds

The Situation

Approximately a third of Jamaica’s youth are ‘unattached’, meaning they are not enrolled in a school or in a job institution. This can be contributed to a number of factors such as improper guidance, insufficient role models or inadequate educational opportunities.

Some end up missing out on amazing opportunities or in the most unfortunate instance, turn to a life of crime.

The Konnection

Konnexx sought out a way to help these youths by developing the “Konnecting Minds Programme” in 2009. The project focused on using engineering to inspire marginalized youth and youths that dropped out of school. The students who signed up were exposed to skills such as website building, infrastructure repair and the fundamentals of engineering.

They were also engaged in fun activities, such as dance workshops, hikes, and art classes, to foster teamwork and build character.

Lastly, they received firsthand experience of the life of an engineer and attended career talks by influential leaders in Jamaica.

The students completed the program with their minds transformed and armed with the skills and capabilities to accomplish their career goals.

Many left feeling inspired and motivated not only to reach their full potential but to make a positive difference in Jamaica.

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