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Case Studies - Smart Home Solutions

The Client

Micheal Stewart* is a successful Caribbean businessman as well as the proud father of four children. Due to his line of work, he has to travel frequently to various countries to meet with clients and partners.

The Problem

Micheal’s frequent travels meant that he was away from his home for long periods of time. He was worried about the security of his family and wanted a way to monitor his home while he was out of the country.

The Konnection

On January 18, 2019, Konnexx deployed a highly skilled team to install an entire Smart Home Solution security system to Micheal’s home.

For 4 days, Konnexx put in place security measures such as door sensors, motion sensors, cameras, smart locks and smart switches.

These sensors would alert Micheal if anyone broke into his home as well as trigger an alarm system in the house.

In addition, Smart locks and Smart switches gave Micheal the ability to control his lights and lock his doors remotely from his mobile phone.

This Smart Home Solution system has had a positive impact on Micheal because it has given him peace of mind by knowing that his family will be safe even if he has to be away.

It also provided long term benefits for him such as reduced energy costs due to his Smart lights, as well as the convenience of being able to lock his home and turn off all the lights right from the comfort of his bedroom.

Konnexx benefited by gaining a lifelong partner and continued to conduct followup visits after the project was over to upgrade Micheal’s now Smart Home with the latest technology.

*Names have been changed

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These case studies helps locksmith experts to know what type of security is needed for a particular home and then they use the right ways to secure it.


Smart security systems are very easy to operate through phones, that's why everyone is looking to install those systems in their homes by calling a locksmith.


I contacted a local locksmith company to help me installing the smart locks to make smart home and secure home to a great extent.



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