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Fibre Optics Engineering

What is Fibre Optics Engineering?

Fibre optics engineering is centred around the implementation of high-speed broadband telecommunication cables within a business. Installation includes planning out the appropriate designs for each project, and has to be planned carefully to make maintenance easy in the future. 

Our network engineers at Konnexx focus on ensuring that the best setup is organised for our clients, no matter their size. We design voice and data service wiring solutions, using the latest in fibre splicing technology.

Maintaining of fibre optic installations can be a delicate business, which is why our engineers are professionally trained to make sure that each setup is designed for durability, as well as continuing to monitor the systems over time.



Fibre is 31% faster than typical coaxial cables. They are quickly becoming the global industry standard for data transfer.


Fibre optic cables are resilient to severe weather, moisture and magnetic interference. They are also much sturdier than other cables.


Fibre optics cables have a longer range than typical copper cables. They can also maintain data transfer speeds for up to 25 miles.

Lower Lifetime Cost

While the startup investment is greater than the older standard of cabling, the durability of fibre lowers the total cost of ownership.

What We Offer at Konnexx

Konnexx specializes in the latest technology used in providing fibre optic communication, as well as voice/data wiring services.

To ensure that only the greatest quality output comes from our business, we invest in the latest in fibre optic installation equipment, including advanced cable finders, power meters/light sources, talk sets and fault & gas detectors.

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