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The Preferred Choice For Large-Scale Networking In The Caribbean

We bring the engineering expertise in the complex geopolitical landscape of the region.

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Why Partner With Konnexx?

For over 15 years, Konnexx engineers have applied their experience in fibre optics, designing and maintaining installations for multi-national companies such as Total, Nestlé, Ritz-Carlton, Sandals and Digicel.

400 Trained Engineers

24/7 Customer Support

Our partners and their clients benefit from access to our 24/7 trained help-desk for queries about their systems. This service can also be white-labelled.

If an issue should arise, we have over 100 trained technicians on call who will visit the site to make repairs and conduct assessments.

Konnexx adheres to rigid fibre optic storage protocols and heavy-duty asset maintenance guidelines. Our engineers regularly get certified in the latest industry trends and networking protocols and have received international training in Germany and the US. 

Global Standard of Networking

We support this through regular offerings of paid training time for our team. Our technicians all go through a one-year training program before they can be deployed to on-site maintenance jobs, and are always accompanied by a supervisor.

Each client receives detailed documentation of their network implementation designed on Cisco & Microsoft tools.

When engineering firms in the US & Europe get contracts in the Caribbean, they trust us to execute at the highest level in a complex region where they don't have the resources or prior expertise.

Regional Engineering Subcontractors

We already have the engineers, the technicians, the ground labour force, and the heavy-duty equipment so there is no need to go through the costly exercise of hiring and

importing resources in the country.

Send your three best engineers, and we'll have a team of 100 for them to execute with.

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