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Konnexx provides equipment rentals for all of our clients, especially those with heavy-duty jobs. Clients can rent and lease equipment that is generally hard to acquire locally.

Our vehicles are typically used for telecommunications, engineering, building infrastructure, network engineering and construction, however they are perfect for any job which requires a high reach, such as painting, billboard installation and window repair.

Our clients can choose from any of our vehicles

Rentals By Hour


These Ford E-350s are fantastic vehicles for working on projects which are further away. They have ample storage space in the back for tool storage, and are great for network installations.

Boom Buckets

Our boom bucket trucks are a common favourite with our clients, due to their rugged nature and sturdiness. These vehicles are great for working on light poles.

Platform Trucks

These multi-storey platform trucks are ideal for difficult to reach jobs, where there is a need for high elevation work. These are jobs such as construction, painting and billboard installation.

Rentals By Day

Hiace Service Vehicles

Our vehicles come equipped with ladder racks for companies with technical jobs. It can be used for cable installations, construction work and transporting tools.

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