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Solar Engineering

Why Go For Solar?

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Low Maintenance Cost

Solar equipment has a longer lifetime value than traditional power sources because of its low maintenance cost. They are also fast and simple to install, and are designed to withstand extreme weather, lasting up to 20 years.

Save On Your Light Bill

In a sunny country like Jamaica, solar power can meet all of your energy needs. A typical solar array can save you up to 40% on your monthly bill. You can even resell excess power back to your local electricity company!

Environmental Benefit

Solar energy provides many benefits to the environment. The benefits of going solar can see a reduction of 100,000 lbs of carbon dioxide over 25 years. This will provide your children with a better environment for their future.

What We Offer

Solar Pool Pumps

Solar Power

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Hotel

Harness the power of the sun.

The most important step in planning a solar system installation is to find a set up that matches your home or business, customised to meet your needs.

At Konnexx, the first step is to conduct a free Solar Energy Audit that measures the energy needs of the appliances in your building.

Next, we determine the best location for your solar panel setup, so that it can receive the most sunlight. This can be on the roof or another nearby location.

Based on this, our team will give you a recommendation of the type of system that will best fit your personal needs. Let's get started with your application.


Our Solar Pool Pump Saves You Money

In partnership with Lorentz

The LORENTZ PS2 Swimming Pool Pumps are the highest quality pumps in the industry. They give you the full performance of a traditional electric pump, but with zero energy costs. They provide a very fast return on investment, and are also fast and simple to install. They have a longer life expectancy than traditional pumps.

Solar Pool Pumps

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