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Network Engineering


Konnexx has been committed to providing progressive business, industries and residences with the most advanced high quality networking products available. We understand the importance of being comfortable and confident with a security system. 

We work closely with our clients to design the right systems, ones that match their specific needs.

Network Engineering has 3 major steps.

Network Design



The first part of any network installation is the design of the right infrastructure for an installation. The right solution can vary depending on the needs of the client, their location and the physical building they are in.

Many aged buildings may require additional reconditioning to ensure they are viable for implementing an efficient internal network.

At Konnexx, we use advanced network design software from Cisco to create detailed layout diagrams based on a building's floor plans. Our engineers use these diagrams as guides to ensure our build out goes smoothly.

Network Implementation




For many companies, the network building process can be very difficult when it is attempted in-house. Sourcing the correct cables and network tools is only the beginning. A company needs to have trained professionals to ensure that  each component is installed in the correct way. 

The engineers at Konnexx are trained and tested, having over 20 years of network engineering experience. These engineers are trained to install structured cabling in buildings, across a campus and for large events.

It's important to know that Konnexx can also perform network buildout using existing network blueprints designed by 3rd parties.


24 Hour Technical Support

At Konnexx, we provide 24 hour support for all of our telecommunications and networking clients island wide. Our staff are prepared to give you account updates and technical suggestions, as well as direct you to the persons to best assist you.

Network Support



Proper documentation is vital for understanding a computer network after its implementation has been completed. These guides make it easy for the technicians who will be maintaining it. 

For this reason, Konnexx offers detailed documentation and support materials to all clients including audit sheets, maps and other documents for future network changes.

This allows engineers to perform network diagnostics when troubleshooting any issues. It also provides a baseline for our team to install network upgrades.

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Full Network Solution

Konnexx plays an important role in developing new IT infrastructure and supporting existing networking environments based on tested technology solutions from industry leaders such as Cisco and Microsoft. Our well trained staff provide the expertise in both established and emerging  technology, creating designs to suit any organisation's needs.

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