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Case Studies - Mustard Seed Communities

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

The Client

Mustard Seed Communities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for the most vulnerable populations in society, such as young mothers in crisis, the mentally and physically disabled,  as well those living with critical illnesses. In Jamaica, Mustard Seed has built a community from the ground up in Jacob's Ladder near Lydford, St. Ann, very far from other resources and power lines. They provide the loving home and care for these people that would otherwise not be available.

The Situation

Mustard Seed Community is in a remote location and designed from the ground up so one of their challenges has been to stay self-sufficient and independent of regular power expenses. One of these is for the cost of electric water pumping, which had been ineffective and costly to them in the past. When these would go bad, they would always need to truck water along the long, rocky road to their community just so that their members could have running water to take a bath.


The Konnection Konnexx Services, along with our partners Lorentz, were proud to design a suitable solar powered water pumping system to meet their demands.  Now, Mustard Seed's water pumping system is completely self-sufficient and they are no longer dependent on the costs of electric-powered pumps or the need to constantly truck water. They are able to live off-the-grid and focus on their mission to better the lives of the disadvantaged members of their community. In this way, Konnexx was happy to assist and help them to do this good work for the disadvantaged people of Jamaica.

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