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Case Studies - Solar Solutions

The Client

CleanPlant is a global supplier of clean energy. Based in Berlin, Germany, they design turn-key solar power plants for clients worldwide.

Stewart’s Automotive Group (Stewart’s) is a first class full service auto dealership, carrying one of the widest range of spare parts and accessories in the English-speaking Caribbean. Stewart’s operates 4 companies, with showrooms, parts warehouses, workshops, body shop, rental locations and aftermarket retail operations.

The Situation

While using the public electric network, Stewart’s was contending with ever-increasing energy costs for their locations. This was causing a significant financial impact on their organization.

They wanted a solution that would control their power usage and reduce their energy cost.

The Konnection

In November 2015, Konnexx was contracted by CleanPlant to install a 227.5 kWp* solar system for the Stewart’s Auto Group. Konnexx dispatched a highly skilled team in solar installation that provided technical support and logistics.

For six weeks, the team installed a Grid-tied Solar Solution at the Stewart’s Group locations that could provide sufficient renewable energy to power each branch.

After the initial project was over, Konnexx continued to conduct periodic visits to assess the progress of the system, take measurements and verify that it was performing as expected.

Stewart’s received approximately $1.1 million in monthly savings due to drastically reduced energy costs. In addition, their energy expenditure was now constant due to the renewable energy provided by the system.

Konnexx benefited as well as it was a great learning experience to work alongside the German contractors, gain knowledge and develop a partner with the Stewart’s Group.

*kWp= KiloWatt Peak

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