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Case Study - XSOMO International

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The Client

XSOMO International Limited
XSOMO International Limited

XSOMO International Limited, formerly Moore Business Forms, is the premier business forms printing company in Jamaica. They are the leader in business form printing here in Jamaica for companies in many sectors. They manage the printing of the census here in Jamaica and the paper rolls for receipts. Although their core products were primarily printed goods for businesses, over the past 50 years, XSOMO has expanded into managing anything you can print on, such as personalised notebooks, paper and stationery and many customised products such as branded magazines for companies and organisations.

The Situation

Recently, the company has grown it's offering away from the traditional printing products, and has begun to branch into software development and the offering of cloud based solutions for companies in the region. Their internal and external networking therefore became a critical part of their evolving business model. It was critical for them to have a highly customised and reliable data transfer system at their office.

The Konnection

Konnexx worked with the client to design their most appropriate network, one that would not meet their needs; instead it would surpass it. Our engineers created a fibre infrastructure design plan for the business, which was subsequently approved by management. After the approval, we went about carefully implementing the solution at their main building on Slipe Road, Cross Roads, Kingston, as well as at their branch offices.

The Konnexx Fibre optic installation team made sure that the client was satisfied.

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